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Community Involvement


The Management Company of Three Point Capital are proud to be part of our community.

Do Some Good

Three Point Capital is proud to be a member and give back to our community. Bringing volunteers, charitable organizations and businesses together to build a more connected community.



Volunteer Day for Employees

Staff have the chance to volunteer for things that matter to them personally and are offered a day off from work once a year to go out and make a difference to what matters to them.



  • Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
  • BC MIC Managers Association (BCMMA)
    • Ryan Lee Regulatory Committee (FICOM & BCSC)
    • Marylyn Needham Director
  • Private Mortgage Lenders Forum (PMLF)
  • Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association (CMBA)
  • Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC)
  • Ontario MIC Managers Association (ONMICA)
  • Private Capital Markets Association (PCMA)

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